Jungle Jumanji

Jungle Jumanji

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AUGUST 1st thru AUGUST 5th, 2022



In this new immersive Art Barn experience, campers will be on a jungle adventure for five days. On day one, they will create a Jumanji board game using miniatures, clay animal figurines along with their imaginations. The next four days of camp will be a transformation into a magical Jumanji style world where campers will explore and be met with adventure and fun! This camp will include a zip line, a climbing wall using safety gear, along with an opportunity to explore a jungle themed treehouse. Campers will create beautiful, one of a kind art work that will be inspired by beautiful jungles from around the globe! Your child won’t want to miss this awesome new Art Barn experience! 

*For ages 7 and older 

*Limited enrollment 

Due to being a small business, having limited space with projects planned and materials purchased months in advance, there are no refunds given for camp tuition. If something comes up, a credit for 75% of the total camp tuition paid can be applied to a summer camp the following summer. 
In the event that the pandemic continues on longer than anticipated, and everything goes virtual again, the cost of virtual Art Barn camps are the same as in person camps. Therefore, the camp tuition paid can be credit towards a virtual camp experience during the same summer camp session.
Thank you for your understanding!