Circular Weaving on Wagon Wheels Art Barn Box

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Introducing a new Art Barn Box project that is a lot of fun to create: CIRCULAR WEAVING ON WAGON WHEELS!
Weaving has therapeutic benefits and during this uncertain time, it’s easy for anxious thoughts or worry to crop up. It feels very calming to weave. When you get into a rhythm, you don’t notice the time passing by. Your many thoughts are incorporated into the growth of your design, and therefore, your anxieties are released into something beautiful.

This Art Barn Box comes with a 30” wooden replica wagon wheel, along with enough yarn to weave the entire wheel in a variety of colors and weaving instructions. 

There are three color varieties to choose from (please indicate your color preference at check out):

1. warm colors: reds, oranges, yellows, pinks

2. cool colors: greens, blues, purples

3. neutrals: whites, greys, browns, blacks, golds, silvers