About the Art Barn

Founded by Anna Dillon Wall in 2016, The Art Barn originated from her vision to bring magic and wonder into the lives’ of children...with the hope to inspire creativity, teach life coping skills and preserve childhood. 

Offering unique and interesting art experiences, The Art Barn curriculum includes nature inspired art, textile art, weaving and yarn art, art chalk & oil pastels, fluid abstract painting, woodworking, decoupage, sculpture, ceramic art, collage, fundamentals of drawing, cultural art, leather and bead artwork, watercolors and mosaic art.

Anna’s teaching style can best be described as, ‘freedom within structure.’ She gently encourages individuals to work to their potential, finish what they start and step out of their comfort zone, yet also recognizing that learning differences can take each artist down their own path of discovery during the process. Students leave with a feeling of mastery, confidence and pride in their abilities and masterpieces. 

The Art Barn provides an ideal atmosphere that is serene, visually appealing, inspiring and “unplugged” where an individual’s imagination and creativity can blossom as they explore, create, discover and play.