Collaborative Art Barn Painting Experiences

Collaborative Art Barn Painting Experiences

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Collaborative Art Barn abstract painting experiences 


This new Art Barn experience is an amazing opportunity for family members and friends to create a gorgeous piece of abstract artwork. We will use a variety of unique art mediums and techniques to create a one-of-kind collaborative art masterpiece. In addition, we will use These make a lovely gift for anniversaries, birthday’s or other special events. Each Collaborative Art Barn abstract painting experience will be customized according to your vision, your preferred color palette as well as any other personal touches at your request. Anna will offer up to 60 mins of consulting time, at no additional charge, to ensure your Art Barn collaborative art experience is memorable and fun! 



4 people (4 person minimum)~

$120/person (plus canvas cost)


6 people ~

$100/person (plus canvas cost)


7 to 11 people~

$90/person (plus canvas cost) 


12 to 15 people~

$80/person (plus canvas cost)


16 to 20 people (20 person max)~

$70/person (plus canvas cost)



36x48” ~ $80

48x48” ~ $95

48x60” ~ $110


TWO OPTIONS to start:

Blank canvas- no additional charge 

Collaged canvas- an additional $70. We will use vintage newsprint, or any old book pages, articles, black and white photos that are meaningful to you to include in the art piece. Upon arrival, the group will collage everything onto the canvas prior to the painting process. This creates a very nice effect and is a way to personalize your masterpiece even more.  Portions of the collage will show through in the final art piece. Allow an additional 45 mins for this. 


🎨 An individual painting option within the collaborative Art Barn experience is available. For this option, each person in the group receives a 16x20 canvas to create their own abstract piece. Pricing per person is the same as listed above; 16x20 canvases are an additional $5/person. 




Seasonal Fruit Platter (includes a variety of fruit) ~ $40


Confection Tray (includes a variety of cookies, brownie bites, macaroons, gourmet chocolate, and mini cupcakes)~$60


Cheese Board Extravaganza (includes a variety of cheeses, olives, crostini, focaccia, figs, dried apricots, dried cherries, honey, almonds) ~ $75


Deluxe Charcuterie Board (includes a variety of cheeses, olives, crostini, breadsticks, figs, dried fruits, jams, mustards, cured meats, artichoke hearts, pomegranate seeds, cornichons) ~ $90





Perrier, Izze, lemonade, La Croix ~ $15 additional (per 12 drinks)


Alcoholic beverages (Feel free to bring your own to the art experience)


On-Site pricing:

An additional $75


*Anna and her team will arrive 30 mins prior to the start time to set up. Choose an area of your yard that is away from your house in order to prevent paint staining. Drop cloths and easels will be used. There will be splatter painting as part of the abstract process so dress accordingly. All set up and clean up is included in the rate. All paint provided is high quality acrylic and latex.