July 29th thru August 2nd: ART CAMP (Four Mile Historic Park)

July 29th thru August 2nd: ART CAMP (Four Mile Historic Park)

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July 30th thru August 3rd 12:00-4:00pm


Introduced in the mid 19th century, photography changed the world. Capturing moments of time in images allowed people to see the world in a new way; distant places and other cultures… Photography opened up endless possibilities, bridging the gap and expanding minds.

In this Photography Art Barn camp, students will learn about the history of photography, the evolution of the camera to date, and how to view life thru a lense as art. Each child will be given an opportunity to use various cameras: disposable, Polaroid, full frame, digital and Holga. We will spend time walking around outside photographing objects in an artful and thoughtful way in order to create interesting images.

Each child will have the opportunity to learn photo transfer techniques onto wood, and they will create a beautiful finished product that will make a wonderful gift, decoration or keepsake. We will turn old windows and frames into photo displays that the children can take home and use as frames for their photography. In addition, each child will create a unique and artistic self portrait using a photograph of themselves. Lastly, we will learn about famous British sculptor, photographer & environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy. He is known for incorporating natural elements into semi-permanent artistic sculptures which he then documents in photographs that serve as a permanent record of each artful creation. The children will emulate Goldsworthy’s style as they engage in the natural surroundings, creating their own art from nature and then photographing their creations. An example would be taking leaves and arranging them in an interesting pattern that creates a beautiful temporary art statement.