June 11th - June 15th : WEAVING, SEWING and TEXTILE CAMP (Four Mile Historic Park)

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June 11th thru June 15th 10:00AM-2:00PM


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Inpioneerdays,mosteveningswerespentsewingandmendingclothingandmakingquiltsfrom extra scraps by candlelight. In this camp, we will use a variety of fabrics to create art masterpieces, learn basic sewing skills, learn the art of weaving, and use yarn to create beautiful & unique artwork. Each participant will have the opportunity to work on a collaborative weaving project on a wagon wheel, as well as create their own miniature circular loom to weave on to take home. We will use textiles to create amazing, decorative bowls and use yarn as an art medium to create intriguing art masterpieces. We will teach basic sewing skills and use embroidery hoops to sew a scene onto a fabric background ready to display! The projects in this camp are engaging and unique! And, with learning these new skills brings a sense of great accomplishment.